This is what HOME is all about

Hear our heart, our history, and our passion for moms, kids, and families.

HOME stands for helping our moms excel - this is our heartbeat. We best accomplish this through supporting and encouraging moms through guest speakers, hands-on activities, social days, events, and of course through the meaningful relationships between moms. HOME is created for ALL moms with kids ages five and under to come and enjoy the authentic, non-judging community of uplifting support. No matter what your background is, if you have a handful of kids or you are pregnant with your first baby - we warmly welcome you.

HOME was started in 2011 at Northwest Hills Community Church by a group of moms with young kids. They wanted a place to find support and encouragement during this amazing yet challenging stage of life so they decided to pioneer a group that would encompass just that. We are so thankful for these brave women!

Since its birth, HOME has been such a joy to see it grow into something quite spectacular where moms are brought together from the far corners of our community into a room where they can do life together. Of course, this couldn't be possible without the moms that come and make HOME "a place to belong." Because of the care and openness that the moms of HOME exemplify, this is a place where moms are embraced and encouraged to be moms that thrive - yes, even through the challenging sleepless nights and navigating the ever-changing ebbs and flows of parenting.

In addition to all of this, HOME hopes that by bringing support and encouragement to the moms of our community, children and families will be uplifted and impacted for good. This brings the leaders of HOME great encouragement when families are joined together to journey this season of life together. We believe that community is what we were made to live within!

It is our great hope and passion that HOME would be a place for you to come and find support and encouragement from this life-giving community.

Best regards,

The HOME Leadership Team

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